>>Anatomy lab

Human Skeleton Both-Fibrous & Natural Sets of Bones
Human Skull:-

  • Cut Skull
  • Complete Skull
  • Skull Non Articulates
  • Mandible
Non-Articulated Bones-Upper Extremities:-
Clavicle , Scapula, Humerous, Radius, Ulna, Carpels, Meta Carpels, Phalanges

Lower Extremities:-
HIP Bones, Femar, Tibia, Fibula, Patella, Tarsal, Meta Tarsal, Ribs, Vertebras, Sacrum

Models of Organs:-
Human Torso with following organ:-
Heart, Brain, Lungs, Stomach, Liver, Intestine, Kidney, Ear, Brain, Eye Ball, Female Genital Organs, Male Genital Organs

Hanging Poster of Different System of Human Body:-
Structure of Human Eye, Blood Circulation of Human Body, Muscular System of Human Body, Human Skelton, Digestive System of Human Body, Respiratory System of Human Body, Nervous System of Human Body, Excretory System & Skin Hair, Human Heart, Lymphatic System, Kidney, Human Endocrine Glands, Female Reproductive System

Frames of following system of Human Body:-
Digestive System (Large), Digestive System (Small), Human Brain, Human Circulatory System, Human Excretory System, Shoulder & Elbow Joints, HIP & Knee Joint

>>Physiology Lab

  • Respiratory Function Test
  • Nerve Conduction Test
  • Slides & Projector
  • Sphygmomanometer
  • Electro Cardiograph Machine
  • Stethoscopes,
  • Thermameters
  • O2 Cylinders
  • CO2 Cylinders
  • Urinometers
  • Opthalmoscope

>> Biochemistry Lab

Lab is Equipped with all the instruments and Reagents
  • Microscopes-Mono Ocular & Binocular 10
  • Cell Counter
  • Facilities for all the routine haematological tests- Hemograms (HB, TLC, DLC, ESR, BT, CT,Reticulocyte count etc.) Blood Group & RH Factor..
  • Bone Marrow Examination

Lab. is fully equipped with-
• Autoanalyser • Photocolorimeter • Spectrophotometer • Water Bath • Centrifuge • Hot Air Oven • All the reagents for performing biochemical test


HISTOPATHOLOGY The set up is equipped with-
  • Respiratory Function Test
  • Fixation reagents
  • Microtome (Section cutting machine)
  • Staining reagents
  • Mounting Reagents

>>Physiotheraphy Centre

Following Gadgets / Equipments are available:-
Short wave diathermy, Ultrsonic therapy, Traction unit +3 fold bed, Micro Stimulator, Wax bath, Interferential Theraphy Unit, T.E.N.S., Hydrocolater, C.P.M, Shoulder wheel, Q Ceps table, Muscle Stimulator, Infra Red, Ultra Sound, IFT, Pocket T.N.S., Static Cycle, Shoulder Wheels, Walking Aid (Walker, Crutches), Parallel Bar, Postural Mirror, Whirlpool, Hot Pack, Cold Pack, GYM Set, Dumbbells, Weight Cuffing, Silicon Putty, Wheel Chair, Balance Board, Tilting Table, Examination Table, Plinth, Revolving Chair, Table, Revolving Stool, Ankle Exerciser, T Pulling, Laderis Ladders, Griper

>>Biotechnology & Microbiology lab

The Biotechnology Lab is equipped with
Laminar Air Flow, High Speed Centrifuge, Electrophoresis Apparatus, PH Meter, Flame Photometer, Rotary Shaker, Hot Plate, Incubator, TLC Apparatus, Electronic Balance, Distillation Plant, Chromatography Chamber, Hot Water Bath, Light Microscope, Micro Pipette Fixed Volume-500UL, Micro Pipette fixed Volume-100UL, Bottle Dispencer 2-10ML, Dexiccator 150mm, Micro Pipette Variable 100-1000UL, Micro Pipette Variable 05-50UL, Stop Watch, U.V. Chamber, Tissue Flitration Bath, Magnetic Stirrer, Micro Centrifuge, Vortex shaker, Calorimeter

Collection of 1000 books only on Para Medical Subjects-(Listing of possible)

Lecture Halls are available for all classes with capacity of 60 students.
  • Demonstration Rooms
  • Staff Room
  • Computer room

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